Prostop® Paper Joint Tape (USA) - 150M

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Prostop® Premium Paper Joint Tape is a durable paper tape, manufactured out of FSC certified USA paper, designed to reinforce joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors. It is also recommended for joint treatment in veneer finish systems that dry quickly and have framing exceeding 406 mm spacing. The tape resists cracking and stretching and is lightly sanded to increase bond strength. Its special cross-fibered tape with high tensile strength makes it ideal for joint reinforcement.

•Positive center-creasing for uniform, accurate and fast folding for corner application.

•Roughened surface for superior bond.  

•Spark perferated to reduce/remove chances of air bubbles

•High tensile strength to resist tearing, stretching and distortion.

•FSC certified – Sustainably sourced raw materials.

•Perforated display box