​Strait-Flex® Crack Tape - 15M


Repair's persistent cracks in corners and on flat surfaces

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Strait-Flex Joint Tape

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Strait-Flex Crack-Tape repairs difficult stress cracks on flat surfaces and corners. Tested to be two times stronger than paper or mesh tapes, Crack-Tape repairs stress cracks and cracks due to truss uplift. Crack-Tape resists blisters, tears, shrinkage, wrinkles, and cuts easily with a scissors or utility knife.

  • Drywall and plaster cracks and truss uplift repairs
  • Persistent cracks
  • Thin coat plaster applications
  • Two times stronger than paper or mesh tapes

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  • Run your taping knife over the surface of the damaged area to remove any loose plaster or drywall debris. Measure damaged area and cut Crack-Tape using a scissors or utility knife. For corner applications, fold in half at center crease and adjust to desired angle. Properly mix all-purpose compound or quick-set joint compound per manufacturer’s directions. If applying Crack-Tape over painted surfaces, add Strait-Flex Super-Bond to enhance bondability.
  • With a 5” or 6” taping knife, apply a smooth, liberal coat of all-purpose compound to corner.
  • Press Crack-Tape into the wet compound. Adjust if necessary to create a straight line.
  • Wipe down tight to surface with taping knife using even pressure. 
  • Immediately apply a light skim coat of compound over surface of Crack-Tape. Wipe down smooth. Let dry completely over several hours or overnight.
  • Use taping knife to detect and remove any high spots or dried clumps of compound.
  • With a 6” or 8” taping knife, apply a second coat of compound directly over Crack-Tape feathering the compound beyond previous coat. For drywall, lightweight compound used in this step makes sanding much easier. Let dry completely over several hours or overnight.
  • If further feathering is required, apply another coat of compound using a 6” or 8” taping knife. Extend the compound on both sides by starting from the middle of Crack-Tape. Let dry completely over several hours or overnight.
  • Sand lightly with 120 grit sandpaper. Crack-Tape will not fuzz-up like paper or mesh tapes.

What others have to say - Testimonials 

" Great item for crack prone seams. Almost as thin as regular paper tape but much, much stronger. Easier to apply too!"Jeff (Pro Stopper) 

"After struggling with traditional joint tapes on a large commercial job, facing numerous callbacks within the first year, when we used Crack Tape for the re-work, the joins have remained perfect with zero call backs 4 years later (and counting!) The durability and reliability of Crack Tape now saves us money and has also earned us a reputation for delivering quality craftsmanship that lasts. I trust and recommend to all professionals in the industry." - Steve (Pro Stopper)

"An absolute must when installing Fibre Cement panels/Soffits. The only product which stops cracking!" - James (Plaster Soffit Installer)

"Perfect for older bungalows across NZ which are prone to movement and cracking with other tapes" - Levi (DIYer/Renovator)

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