Strait-Flex® Uno Bead

"Corner bead on a role". Alternative to Steel corner bead in a convenient 30m role

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Strait-Flex Joint Tape

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Designed for replacing or repairing metal corner bead

Suitable for finishing external and internal, 90 deg and off angles corners

Can be cut to exact lengths required, eliminating wastage and unnecessary joins

30.5m roll ensures easy transportation

More robust than steel, perfect for high traffic areas where bumps and dents commonly occur

To watch installation video click here

What others have to say - Testimonials 

"Super convenient! I keep a roll in my van at all times, meaning I have 30M+ of bead at my disposal at any time, at any length required. I got fed up with carting around 2.4-3.6M lengths of steel which was super impractical. It also eliminates the risks of damage to the bead which I often had with steel and has also eliminated cuts/scratches that my team would get while working with previous products." Levi (Pro Stopper)

" Believe it or not the composite corner beads (Strait-Flex etc) are far superior to the metal and vinyl corner beads. The drywall, joint compound and composite corner bead all become one. Making them way stronger. And if it does get damaged. you can just splice a new piece of Uno-Bead in that spot no problem. Unlike metal and vinyl corner bead". Paul (Pro Stopper)

"A couple added bonuses of the Uno-Bead is it's easy storage, doesn't rust, very strong, hard to tear but cuts easily".Jerry (Pro Stopper)

"I did use the Uno-Bead on some inside corners too. I found that it probably would be easier for a DIYer to use than paper tape because the center of the tape is more defined. Making it easier to keep the tape straight. IMO". Jeff (DIYer)​

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