Strait-Flex® Roll-Patch - 6M x 14cm

Continuous 6-meter roll of 14cm wide Roll-Patch width allows material to be cut to any length to patch or repair drywall.

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Strait-Flex Joint Tape

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Roll patch easily installs using standard drywall compounds. The patch material is imprinted with standard receptacle patterns for easy trimming. Roll-Patch will not fuzz-up during sanding.

  • Continuous roll patch allows material to be cut to any length
  • Imprinted with standard electrical outlet patterns to make repairs easy
  • PVC fiber composite material
  • Drywall damage
  • All patching applications

  • Cut patch to desired dimensions.
  • Prepare surface by cleaning and lightly sanding area around receptacle.
  • Apply 1/4" of quick set or drywall compound directly to back of Roll Patch.
  • Flip over patch and position Roll Patch over center of repair and wipe down flat to wall using joint knife.
  • Immediately skim coat edges of patch and let dry. Compound that remains on back side of Roll Patch in damaged or mis-cut areas makes Roll Patch very rigid.
  • Apply second coat. Let dry and sand. Roll Patch will not fuzz up during sanding.


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