Profix® Stud Adhesive 600ml Sausage

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Profix® is the ultimate solution for your drywall needs. This high-performance adhesive is a one-component, water-based, acrylic product that provides a strong and secure bond between plasterboard and studs. Its non-toxic and low-odor formula makes it a safe and comfortable choice for any construction project.   Profix® is designed to minimize nail and screw “popping” that can occur due to frame movement or timber shrinkage. When applied in accordance with AS 2589-2007, this adhesive ensures a smooth and stable finish for your drywall.   With Profix®, you can fix plasterboard to steel or timber studs and frames and fill irregular gaps between the plasterboard and frame. The adhesive is also suitable for bonding chipboard, plywood, Masonite, and Hardie-Flex sheeting to studs or solid walls.