Durarasp Dr6 #12 6X14In


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The DuraRasp™ is a heavy-duty, custom-crafted handheld rasping tool, built specifically with the tradesman in mind. It is designed to offer a long life, and in ten months of testing by professional contractors, traditional rasp paper can’t begin to compare with the dramatic and long-lasting performance of the DuraRasp™ on EPS foam walls! The DuraRasp™ will give you effortless removal of material on EIFS, CI and stucco applications with the durability you've come to expect.

Benefits and features:

  • DuraRasp lasts 100x longer than traditional rasp paper
  • Designed specifically to rasp EIFS / EPS foam walls (EIFS, CI and stucco applications)
  • Heavy, brazed #12 tungsten grit rasp
  • Rounded corners prevent gouging
  • Custom-crafted and serial-numbered
  • Comfort-grip plastic handles